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Rhystic Rings

Customizable Handmade Opal Inlay Rings

Customizable Handmade Opal Inlay Rings

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Handmade in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! These rings bring a bold dash of color to an otherwise sleek, minimalist design. Choose your favorite from among a variety of band materials - from affordable, durable stainless steel to svelte, premium titanium and tungsten - and numerous color options for your opal and inlay background. The sky's the limit when it comes to making your ring truly unique and your own! I will reach out via email to discuss customization options, or you are free to reach out before placing your order!

Each ring is made to order and entirely custom. Tungsten and Ceramic bands are extremely hard and scratch resistant, you should realistically never see scratching on the band itself with these two materials, however other band materials and the inlay resin itself may pick up small scratches and abrasions over time. I offer 1 free refinishing with each ring - please reach out for more information regarding refinishing.

Note: All bands currently offered are 8mm overall width with a 4mm channel or 4mm overall width with a 2mm channel

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