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Rhystic Rings

Purple Heart Wood Ring - Size 6

Purple Heart Wood Ring - Size 6

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Ready to ship! Handmade in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, this ring was turned from a solid piece of beautiful Purple Heart wood and mounted on a white ceramic band. The rounded profile is extremely comfortable, and the durable acrylic* finish boasts and impressive shine. Ceramic is a fantastic choice for core material, as it is exceptionally hard and will never scratch in normal daily use, and is much safer than metals such as steel and titanium in situations where the ring is crushed, as it will shatter rather than trap itself on your finger.

I offer one free refinishing with all rings! Please contact me for details.

*Acrylic finishes will degrade in the presence of acetone and other similar chemicals, it is recommended to avoid wearing this ring when working with chemicals.

Actual Size:
Width - 7.91mm
Outer Diameter - 23mm
Inner Diameter - 16.51mm
Band thickness - 3.17mm

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